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September 22, 2011 / aasdel

When the North wind comes.

It’s raining.

Well, not really, more like drizzling or spitting — my rain-descriptive vocabulary has certainly widened since I am here.

The street is quiet, still. And as I’m looking upon it from my second story window, only the shadows of branches, dancing in the wind, reminds me that the world hasn’t stopped for the night.

A raincoat silhouette, shielding itself under an umbrella, silently makes its way down the sidewalk, only to be noticed when crossing the amber stream of streetlights. Comfortably curled up on my chair, this sight leaves me hanging. Suddenly, I’m feeling cold although I’m sheltered and warm. Why do I feel so apprehensive despite knowing I’m protected? The night is steady, everything is calm. Regardless, I’m excited, feeling that something is changing.

Autumn is approaching…

The sun has indeed started to retire earlier, leaving everybody a bit more mellow. The cold breeze is making its way back, slightly troubling the smell of everything. Yet, the heat still thinks it can fight it back, battling with courage to give its most fervent admirers a few extra days of summer. I can’t help but close my eyes, a smile on my face, when I perceive that conflict on my skin, when I breathe in that air. For a few seconds, I am free, liberated from the weight of all my worries. And my senses are on alert as I feel each thing.

With Autumn come changes. The leaves put on their flaming colours. Students get prepared for the new school year. Business speeds up, after a slow-paced summer. Over the years, it brought me new friends, my first job, foreign adventures and heart-breaking goodbyes. But I wonder, will life-changing events grind to a halt for the upcoming season? That is something I wouldn’t mind.

But, I guess I will have to wait and see, what the Northern wind will bring me.


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