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May 30, 2011 / aasdel

If the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind, then London is full of answers!

A whole month of windy days! No intermission, no rest. Just big white clouds in a rush to get to the other side of the island. Maybe they wanted to spare us of their heavy loads, and that’s what they did, indeed. But, in their hurry, they dragged a deep cold breeze that even the sun was not able to warm up.

Oh I’m not complaining. We have a bright sun and decent temperatures for the season. It would be pretentious to ask for more, knowing London’s reputation for poor weather. But maybe it’s because I’m not working that I feel on vacation, yearning for mini shorts and sandals. And my nose tells me that the only thing keeping the mercury from going up is that wind.

I wouldn’t dare to go for a skirt however, even if it was warmer. It’s not always enjoyable for a lady to be hit by gusts, life is not as forgiving as in most romance novels (e.g., “He was dazzled; the wind moved her hair softly as if life was on slow motion.”). It’s much more entertaining for men though, who can attest to a great range of intimate things. I was a witness myself. But women seem to be well aware of the possible outcome as I’ve only seen nice lacy panties.

I’m wondering, is this  normal weather? Is London always such a windy city? I find it strange to have never heard of this before. I presume a region can not bare too many qualifications. So cloudy and rainy it is, no questions asked. Still, it’s surprising how little it rains. I’ve only experience three or four showery days. I’ve done a quick research and the yearly rainfall is less than what Miami and Montreal receives. How about that! (See below for stats.) Let’s hope that it remains that way and, with warmer temperature, maybe the wind won’t bother me so much.


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