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May 16, 2011 / aasdel

Humongous Hyde Park, I have found your heart.

Roses aren’t really my favorites flowers. I find them too cliche, too common. But when you stumble upon a million of them, while trying to escape the buzzing city,  it’s challenging not to find them attractive. Though, that might be due to the cheerleaders effect.

Ah! And what is the cheerleaders effect you might ask me! Well, I don’t want to take any credit for it and therefore I’m going to quote someone  from a very serious, social-analizing, TV show; the cheerleading effect is “when a group of males or females looks hot, just from being in close proximity to each other. However, if you were to scrutinize each one individually you would see that they are either simply average looking or even repulsive”.  This thesis can be applied to a garden of roses. I find Hyde Park’s garden absolutely gorgeous. But if I looked at a single rose, the probability that I’ll find it average is pretty high since I don’t care for them that much.

With that said, I truly recommend you to have a walk trough its aisles at this time of the year (I’m not sure if roses last all summer). Your eyes will be dazzled and your nose  filled with sweet aromas. This is the perfect spot for a quick picnic too! The only thing missing would be a few Celsius degrees.



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  1. L. / May 17 2011 9:09 am

    A lovely place indeed for a picnic. Away from the bustling streets and not too crowded. The only downside is the pollen – so bring a lot of water. The next question is: is drinking allowed in Parks in London? If so, that would be a wonderful place to share a rosé with friends on a warm summer evening. hint hint.

  2. aasdel / May 17 2011 9:51 am

    I thought I forgot to talk about something!! How could I have forgotten about that pollen?! It comes from the trees, not the flowers, and it’s everywhere around London, not just the park, everywhere!!
    And I’m pretty sure we can drink in parks here. We’ll remember this for next time.

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