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May 12, 2011 / aasdel

My “péché mignon” is exactly where I need it: right around the corner!

Everybody  has a guilty pleasure, or like me,  so many that you cannot decide which one is yours;  melting cheese, chocolate/raspberry  mousse, red wine, “poutine” (what?! I am from Montreal after all)… Must I say more?

Well it just happens that a little french cafe, very close to my flat, dared to call itself  like that! And “en français” of course.  First, I was just thrilled to have a place to put my hands on good fresh bread, with the possibility to have a nice crispy, buttery croissant on weekends. But I discovered it has so much more to offer.

Last Saturday was a beautiful day, and my boyfriend and I decided to go and enjoy the sun on a terrace somewhere. We did not go far and stopped at “Le péché mignon”. It wasn’t my first time in the shop but it was my first time to enjoy a delicacy on site. They have a cozy courtyard  in the back of the store where you can eat in, and that is where we went.  I think the philosophy of the place is to bring people closer. They only have 3 or 4 big tables that can site 8 people, so you need to share. I find it very convivial. We ordered cafes and saw on the menu they had brownies. Oh, we gave in! “One brownie please!” And it was absolutely decadent; dense and rich. So much chocolate should be illegal. It’s a good thing we shared it, I would’ve had a brain freeze due to a sugar rush otherwise. The coffees helped to balance it out too and they were very good, the right amount of mousse and milk. Just the way I like it. Ah! Could there be a better way to spend the afternoon than with the person you love, sharing chocolate while sunbathing?! It ranks pretty high in my book.

I’ll definitely have to write an other post about this place, as I will discover more of their products. But here’s their website in the meantime. Enjoy.



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  1. betty ;) / May 12 2011 2:27 pm

    miam! we have to go together when i come to london! 🙂 but don’t say boyfriend anymore my dear! it is much more romantic to enjoy a great coffee with your fiancé…

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