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May 7, 2011 / aasdel

Jerk sauce is for chickens!

I had lunch for the first time yesterday at ” Munchies Caribbean Take-away”, 169 Holloway Road. There were a few people in line when I got in, which is always a good sign. The place is ran by people who seems to be from the Caribbean, which lets you think it might be authentic food, an other positive sign. But as I’m definitely not an expert on Caribbean food, I couldn’t tell you for sure. 

I took the Lunch special; jerk chicken with rice and salad (a choice of coleslaw, potato salad and an other one that I can’t seem to remember). The price was right, only £3.50.

As it was my first Jerk chicken ever, I can only say that it was ok. The chicken was grilled and cut into pieces, which made it hard to eat ; It was difficult to see and remove all the little pieces of bones, but it tasted great and it was moist and juicy. The jerk sauce, poured over everything, was sweet and not too spicy. It made the rice a lot better than if it would have been by itself, which was a little bit too sticky to my liking. As for the salad, I chose coleslaw; a standard creamy coleslaw. I though it brought a nice freshness to the meal and went well with it. Overall, it was good, though the only reason I will remember it is because it was the first jerk chicken I’ve ever had. But for the price, it’s a real good meal when you’re on the go or don’t have anything in your fridge.

I would go back to have something else on the menu. They had things that seemed to be authentic and worth trying. I will update when I do so.


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  1. Brice / May 12 2011 12:56 pm

    I loooooooooooooove jamaican food, so when I come to visit in 2 weeks, you have to show me this place!
    see you soon!

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